Cabo Rented was designed to be easy to use and help you find a new long-term rental solution effortlessly.  


To begin, create your new account.  Navigate to the registration page and choose your username and password:


Once you are logged in, you are ready to search for your new home.  Navigate back to the homepage and enter your search criteria in the header search tool.  After selecting SEARCH, you will be directed to the Search Results page.  Find a home that suits your needs and click on the image.  


Assuming you like what you see, you will have the ability to send a message to the Owner.  If the owner chooses to respond, you will find their message in your inbox within your dashboard.  You can communicate until you determine that you would like to set-up a time to see the home.  Alternatively, you can decide at that time to rent the home.  


Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about your experience with Cabo Rented, by submitting your information HERE.