Cabo Rented is a secure long-term rental platform that was created to connect tenants and landlords. Our team focuses exclusively on the rental market for the growing number of renters in Los Cabos.  The idea started after hearing a multitidue of people say they were scammed, ripped off or were tired of dealing with fake listing sites.  This platform was created to deliver an efficient set of tools to modernize your rental experience right from the beginning.  Our team is consistently searching for the best tools that will help provide the best experience for our guests. We believe this site is the best method in Los Cabos for Owners to advertise their property. With our technology, this site will help you find the right tenant swiftly and effectively. Advertising on Cabo Rented is fast and easy, with tools provided to make self-managing your property simple.



Our mission is to deliver exceptional services to tenants and landlords. Cabo Rented is set to become the best choice for tenants and landlords with the broadest possible choice of homes in one convenient location.



Finding your next long-term rental home with Cabo Rented has become much easier due to its exclusive and verified property listings. We provide our customers access to hundreds of listings of every kind across Los Cabos, by providing them exceptionally useful tools and resources. We make the process more efficient, thus helping you move into your new home within no time and very little effort.